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Thank You for Swearing

with Luke French The therapeutic relationship is the heart of effective psychotherapy, where trust, empathy, and mutual respect flourish. Authenticity from both therapist and client is key to this dynamic! When therapists bring their genuine, transparent selves to the table, they create a welcoming space for clients to share openly and honestly. This mutual authenticity […]

Group Therapy for Women with ADHD

Are you a woman struggling with the challenges of ADHD, or suspect that you might be dealing with its symptoms? We understand the unique hurdles you face, and you’re not alone in this journey! We’re thrilled to announce a wonderful opportunity for you to connect, learn, and grow with other women who share similar experiences. […]

10 Reasons Why Sex Therapy Makes Your Relationship Better!

Devon Church writes about the benefits of Sex Therapy that affect ALL areas of your relationship - including building trust, exploration of desires, understanding discrepancies in desire, and more!

Dispelling Myths of Sex Therapy

Devon Church dispels 10 common myths about Sex Therapy, and explains how it can help folks of all genders, ages, and experiences!

Spend Wisely, Stay Merry: Mindful Holiday Living

The holidays are here. Even though the holiday season can be associated with positive emotions, joy, happiness, and warmth, things can quickly turn around, and our stress levels often increase for several reasons, including overspending.  Money has a direct impact on our lives as a whole, not only materially but also mentally. For many of […]

Holiday Harmony: Managing Family Stress

The holiday season is a time traditionally marked by joy and laughter. The whole family comes together to celebrate and tighten bonds. Of course, reuniting with your loved ones is fun and exciting, but let’s face the reality that these reunions can also bring their fair share of stress. How many times have you sat […]

Acceptance Nurse Psychotherapy Clinic Takes Home Provincial Nurse Innovator Award

We at Acceptance Nurse Psychotherapy are overjoyed and deeply honoured to share this exciting news with you. We won the Provincial Nurse Innovator Award! Congrats to our fantastic and enthusiastic team!  Our clinic, located in Peterborough, has been acknowledged by the Registered Nurses Foundation of Ontario for its innovative approach to mental health care. This […]

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