10 Reasons Why Sex Therapy Makes Your Relationship Better!

with Devon Church

Relationship Therapy, Couples Counselling, Sex Therapy – all of these branches of therapy are bound to positively impact your relationship.
During the month of love, we’re focusing on Sex Therapy!

Before you read on, be sure to check out Devon’s previous blog post
Dispelling Myths of Sex Therapy
to get you familiar with what Sex Therapy is and is not!

 Sex Therapy isn’t just good for your sex life,
and it’s not all about sex all the time!

In relationships where the sexual aspect is satisfying, it typically contributes to around 10% of overall relationship contentment. However, in relationships where the sexual dimension is lacking, it can seem to account for as much as 90% of the overall relationship satisfaction. 

In other words, if your sex life isn’t satisfying for one or both partners, you may experience more overall relationship stress. Improving sexual connection and intimacy fosters an environment and opportunity to improve overall relationship satisfaction.

I’m here to help you talk about the elephant in the room in a safe, non-judgmental, collaborative environment.

I want everyone to be having satisfying and safe sex!

Here are a few reasons why Sex Therapy
contributes to the flourishing of relationships!

Enhanced Communication

Sex Therapy provides a structured and supportive environment for couples to openly discuss their sexual desires, preferences, and concerns.

Improved communication fosters understanding and connection between partners in all aspects of the relationship, not just sex!

Increased Intimacy

Intimacy is NOT just about sex and sexual touch. Intimacy comes from deep understanding and safety with your partner. 

Sex therapy helps couples explore emotional and physical intimacy, fostering a deeper connection. Through understanding each other’s needs and desires, couples can create a more fulfilling and intimate bond.

Addressing Sexual Dysfunction

Sex therapy can be effective in addressing sexual difficulties in all genders. Working through these challenges can alleviate stress and frustration, contributing to a more satisfying sexual and romantic relationship.

Exploration of Sexual Preferences

Sex therapy encourages couples to explore and understand each other’s sexual preferences, promoting a more satisfying and adventurous sex life.

This exploration can lead to increased excitement and mutual satisfaction! Getting curious about your partner’s desires in a safe, non-judgmental environment helps foster ease of communication outside the bedroom, too. 

Understanding Desire Discrepancies

It’s completely normal for you and your partner to have different experiences and levels of desire. No two people can be on the same page ALL the time! 

Sex therapy helps partners navigate these discrepancies, finding compromises and strategies to maintain a healthy sexual connection that satisfies both individuals.

Stress Reduction

Relationship and sexual issues can often contribute to overall stress levels. After all, when you’re not totally satisfied with your sex life, it can feel like the elephant in the room.

Sex therapy provides tools and strategies to manage stress about sex AND other aspects of your relationship, promoting a more harmonious and supportive environment for everyone.

Improving Body Image

Sex therapy can address body image concerns that may impact sexual satisfaction. By fostering a positive and accepting attitude toward your body, you may feel more comfortable and confident in your intimate relationships.

Even couples who have been together forever can have trouble being naked in front of each other!

Overcoming Trauma or Past Issues

For folks or couples dealing with past trauma or negative sexual experiences, I aim to provide a safe space to process and help you understand these challenges. Working on healing from past experiences can positively impact the present relationship, and encourage open communication about when something might feel triggering. 

Building Trust & Emotional Connection

It’s rarely just a sex-life issue that affects satisfaction with sexual connection. There are often many underlying factors that are contributing to sex-life dissatisfaction. 

Sex therapy helps couples build trust and emotional connection by addressing underlying issues that may affect the sexual relationship. As emotional intimacy deepens, so does the overall connection between partners!

Promoting Overall Relationship Satisfaction

A satisfying sexual relationship is often a significant indicator of overall relationship satisfaction!
Addressing sexual concerns and fostering a positive sexual connection contributes to a more fulfilling and harmonious partnership. 

Talking about sex and sex-life challenges can feel difficult, embarrassing, shameful, or triggering. I’m here to help couples understand and trust each other so that communication doesn’t feel quite so difficult.
With time and practice, talking about sex will be easy-peasy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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