Dispelling Myths of Sex Therapy

When you hear “Sex Therapy“, what do you envision?

Your mind may conjure images of clinical sterility, uncomfortable probing, or last-ditch efforts to salvage troubled relationships … You’re not alone in these thoughts! Without prior knowledge or context about it, Sex Therapy often elicits a range of emotions, from curiosity to skepticism.

As a Nurse Psychotherapist with specialized interest and experience in Sex Therapy, it is my mission to help folks understand not only what it is and how it can be beneficial for all types of people, but also to dispel the myths that often keep folks from accessing this type of care.

I’m here to explore the intricacies of Sex Therapy, address the pervasive myths, and to help you understand Sex Therapy as a compassionate, holistic, and invaluable approach for fostering sexual well-being as an individual, and overall relationship harmony!

10 Myths About Sex Therapy – Debunked!

Let’s dive in! 

Myth #1: 

Sex Therapy is only for people with serious sexual dysfunction …


Sex Therapy is for anyone and everyone who feel they could use some support in this area!
It can be beneficial to folks seeking to enhance their sexual satisfaction, communicate wants and needs, increase intimacy with themselves or others, and a million other reasons.
Sex Therapy can also help those seeking support with sexual dysfunction, of course, but it is so much more

Myth #2: 

Sex Therapy is only for married couples … 


Sex Therapy is beneficial not only for couples, but also for individuals, polyamorous folks, open relationships, non-monogamous relationships and any other combination of consenting adults!
People in all types of relationships, having (or not having) all types of sex can learn from engaging in Sex Therapy. Whether you’re dating, engaged, married, in a polycule, or more – I’m here to support you

Myth #3: 

Sex Therapy is only about ~physical~ issues …


While Sex Therapy is traditionally connected with supporting those experiencing struggles in the physical aspect of sexual function, it also addresses psychological, emotional, mental, and relational factors.
In sessions with me, I view Sex Therapy as a holistic approach to address a wide range of concerns! We focus on communication, desire discrepancy, emotional intimacy, and more. 

Myth #4: 

Therapists providing Sex Therapy shame their clients …


Any therapist in any type of therapy setting should never be shaming their clients. The same goes for Sex Therapy! We are trained professionals who approach our work with empathy, understanding, and non-judgment.

The most important factor in sessions with me is that you feel safe, heard, never criticized, and know that our sessions are completely confidential. Topics that are brought forward in Sex Therapy can feel embarrassing or shameful, but I am here to support you with those feelings, not contribute to them!

Sessions are about you and what you feel safe discussing – the pressure is off! 

Myth #5: 

Sex Therapy is only for “broken” relationships, as a last-ditch effort before inevitably ending … 


Sex Therapy can absolutely help folks who have reached a point in their relationship where they aren’t able to communicate or problem-solve between each other. However, it also extends far beyond relationships on the “brink of separation”! In fact, it can be a proactive and positive step for people in relationships who want to strengthen their connection, improve communication, and address sexual concerns before they escalate. 

Myth #6: 

Sex Therapy is a “quick fix”, you don’t need more than a couple appointments … 


As with any type of therapy, it’s difficult to say how many appointments you will “need” before feeling resolved. Everyone’s objectives, feelings, and comfort are different, and achieving the outcomes you are looking for in Sex Therapy may take time. It involves exploration, communication, and sometimes changes in behaviour or attitudes.

While some issues may be resolved relatively quickly, others may require ongoing support and effort. There is never any pressure to continue with therapy if you don’t feel it’s helpful for you.

My practice is open for long-term and short-term clients! 

Myth #7: 

Sex Therapy focuses on sex acts and is inappropriate … 


In sessions for Sex Therapy, we can absolutely talk about different sex acts, preferences, kinks, positions, and anything else that sex involves!

However, it also encompasses a broader range of topics than specific sexual acts. It includes discussions about desire, arousal, communication, emotional intimacy, and the impact of life stressors on sexual well-being.

Most (but not all!) adults engage in sex throughout their lives, it’s a common experience, and there’s nothing inappropriate about exploring what you want sex to look and feel like for you. 

Myth #8: 

Sex Therapy is only relevant for older adults who have been having sex for a long time …


Sex therapy is relevant for people of all ages! Individuals in their 20s and 30s may seek therapy for concerns related to sexual exploration, communication, and navigating sexual experiences, while older individuals may seek help for age-related issues or relationship changes

In sessions with me, we can talk about sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, sexual safety, relationship dynamics and more. These are all universal experiences for folks of any age. 

I love working with older adults who are looking to stay sexually active, and I love working with younger adults who are just starting to explore their sexuality. 

Myth #9: 

Sex Therapy is for people diagnosed with serious sexual disorders …


Sex Therapy is not exclusively for individuals with diagnosed sexual disorders, or for folks with “uncommon” paraphilias. Just because your sexual preferences aren’t socially talked about, doesn’t mean they’re wrong or bad!

It can also be beneficial for those facing common challenges such as low libido, mismatched sexual desires, or difficulty communicating about sexual fantasies, wants, and needs. 

Myth #10: 

Sex Therapy is unnecessary for people who can communicate well and have a satisfying sex life …


Even folks with strong communication skills may benefit from Sex Therapy! It provides a specialized and focused environment to address a specific aspects of relationships.

No two (or more!) people are exactly on the same page all the time. Get curious about your partner and provide space for them to chat about any unspoken desires or fantasies.

Sex Therapy with Devon welcomes individuals of all relationship statuses – whether you’re single, in a couple, exploring open relationships, identifying as a kinkster, curious, a fan of vanilla experiences, a newcomer to sexual exploration, or an experienced lover. Your sessions are tailored to you!

If you’re interested in booking a 15 minute consultation to learn more about what Sex Therapy is (and isn’t!), click the button below. I can’t wait to meet you!


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Frequently Asked Questions

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