The Healing Connection: Exploring the Benefits of Virtual Video Therapy

In the whirlwind of today’s busy life, finding a moment for yourself can be a challenge. Taking the first step to reach out for support from a therapist can be hard! While in-person therapy has been the traditional path to receiving support, it also has many drawbacks for comfort, accessibility, flexibility and cost. At Acceptance Nurse Psychotherapy, we strive to provide you with the best mental health support – from the comfort of your space. 

All of our Nurse Psychotherapists offer virtual therapy, and here’s why …

Comfort and Ease

From Our Desk to Your Couch 

Our clients often report that being in their own environment during virtual sessions increases their comfort level and supports a more stable connection with their therapist. 

There is also the opportunity for a seamless transition from an emotionally charged session to the safety of your personal space. After delving into potentially challenging topics, being in a familiar and secure environment provides immediate comfort and support. There’s no need to navigate public spaces or commute after a session—instead, you can reflect, process, and find solace in the sanctuary of your home.

RN, Psychotherapist Sarah says: 

My clients often have their best therapy sessions and are more open when they are comfortable with their surrounding environment, with their own comfort objects like blankets, pets, and even snacks! For the majority of people, this is their own home.

Judgement-Free Zone

At Acceptance Nurse Psychotherapy one of our primary goals is to reduce the stigma around reaching out for support from a therapist! However, stepping out of your space and travelling to a therapist’s office can bring about its own anxieties. Having a virtual session with one of our Nurse Psychotherapists eliminates the potential anxieties associated with being seen in a therapy office. 

RN, Psychotherapist Zara Fischer Harrison says: 

Not all in-person spaces are designed to maintain confidentiality when arriving to or leaving a session. By meeting with your therapist virtually, you can eliminate the potential anxiety that comes with arriving early and crossing paths with their last client.

Come As You Are

One of the significant advantages of virtual therapy is the alleviation of concerns related to appearance. You no longer need to worry about looking “presentable” for public spaces. Instead, you can engage in therapy sessions from the comfort of your preferred environment, whether it’s in casual clothing or the coziness of your pajamas. By removing the pressure to conform to external expectations, virtual therapy fosters a setting where you can authentically be yourself, promoting a more relaxed and open approach to the therapeutic process.

RN, Psychotherapist Sarah says: 

I like to connect with clients when they are in environments in which they are most comfortable. Clients can often have their best therapy sessions and be more open when they are comfortable with their surrounding environment. They can attend sessions in their most comfortable clothing, including pajamas if they choose. They don’t have to worry about being ‘presentable’ to be out in public, allowing them to just be themselves during virtual therapy sessions.

Accessibility and Safety

Location Location Location 

Accessing a specific type of therapy for in-person therapy can be difficult enough … add a specific type of therapist for a specific issue within a reasonable transportation range. It might just not be possible! 

Virtual therapy provides you access to a larger pool of therapists. It is effective for a broad range of mental health concerns, providing you with the same level of care and expertise as an in-person session would offer. It transcends geographical boundaries, provides opportunities you may not otherwise have access to, and makes it easy for you to connect with our Nurse Psychotherapists no matter where you are in Ontario!  

RN, Psychotherapist Devon Church says:

Growing up identifying as queer and trans in a rural community came with its own set of challenges. The closest trans-inclusive therapist was a 2-hour drive away from me. Rural queer communities deserve access to affirming care, and I am thankful that I can be there for them virtually.

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles 

How will you get to your therapist’s office? Will you drive and pay for gas and parking? Will you use public transportation and plan time for delays or missed buses? What if there’s a heavy rainfall or a snowstorm where you are? Virtual therapy means you can find a private and comfortable space wherever you are and focus only on the session at hand.  

RN, Psychotherapist Devon Church says:

I live in the snow belt of Ontario, so transportation for about 4-5 months of the year is a big challenge and barrier. With virtual therapy, you don’t need to worry about the weather or transportation-related challenges.

Safety First!

COVID-19, flu season, coughs and colds all pose risks in an in-person office. Imagine feeling under the weather but still well enough to engage in a therapy session. With virtual therapy, there’s no need to navigate adherence to a sickness policy or risk violating health protocols. This flexibility allows individuals to prioritize their well-being without compromising their therapeutic journey. Additionally, virtual therapy mitigates the potential spread of illness, eliminating concerns related to in-person interactions. It’s a practical, health-conscious approach that ensures individuals can continue their sessions without jeopardizing their safety or the well-being of others! 

Administrator Hannah says: 

I began my therapy journey shortly before the onset of COVID-19, which unfortunately made in-person therapy inaccessible. Thankfully, my therapist extended the option to continue our sessions virtually throughout the pandemic and beyond. This meant I could seamlessly continue my healing process without interruption, providing a crucial support system during the challenging times of COVID-19 isolation.

Scheduling Flexibility 

Schedule a Lunch Date with your Therapist

Navigating therapy within the constraints of a busy work schedule can be challenging! Traditional office hours often clash with the only free time you might have in the evenings or weekends, and engaging in therapy after a full day of work can feel draining. Virtual therapy at Acceptance offers solutions to both of these common predicaments. Our Nurse Psychotherapists provide a range of availability and scheduling options, including daytime, early morning, evening, and weekend slots, all without the need to plan for travel time. Why not consider having your therapy session during your lunch break? It’s a convenient and accessible way to prioritize your mental well-being amidst a hectic schedule and eat lunch too!

RN, Psychotherapist Zara Fischer Harrison says: 

My clients are always welcome to bring whatever brings them comfort into our sessions—be it notebooks, cozy blankets, a cup of tea, a meal, or anything else that contributes to a supportive and nurturing atmosphere during our time together.

Consistency is Key!

Consistency is the key to therapeutic success! Without the need for physical travel, virtual sessions ensure a more reliable and punctual schedule that fits into your busy life to keep you on track. Virtual therapy offers you the chance to set a rhythm that works for you, ensuring a dependable routine for your therapeutic journey. Whether it’s a weekly check-in or a more personalized schedule, the convenience of virtual sessions opens the door to sustained progress and positive transformations. 

RN, Psychotherapist Sarah says: 

My clients love the flexibility of booking, cancelling, and rescheduling their appointments online, and being able to tailor their therapy journey to align with their busy schedules. Witnessing the progress they make from session to session is incredibly rewarding, knowing that they are able to squeeze in time for therapy without the constraints of travelling to an office. 

Reduced Costs

Environmental Benefits

Choosing virtual therapy is an environmentally responsible decision, reducing the carbon footprint associated with commuting to in-person sessions, for both you and your therapist! 

Therapy Fees

Most of our RN, Psychotherapists offering virtual sessions are able to work out of home offices, which contributes to the potential for reduced fees for their sessions. Virtual sessions eliminate the overhead costs associated with maintaining a physical office making virtual therapy a potentially more cost-effective option. This financial flexibility ensures that you can access quality mental health care, promoting greater affordability and inclusivity in the realm of psychotherapy.

A Commuter’s Dream 

You can order groceries, restaurant food, televisions, office supplies, and so much more online … why not order your therapy online, too? With no need to travel to appointments, you can save on gas money, parking fees, and the potential cost associated with grabbing a meal out as a convenience measure before or after a session. 

Your Time is Valuable

The convenience of virtual therapy allows you to invest more time in self-care and personal pursuits, reinforcing the notion that seeking therapy doesn’t have to be a time-consuming endeavour! Virtual therapy lets you focus on what matters – your well-being. It’s about making time for your mental health fit seamlessly into your busy life, so you can get the support you need without sacrificing precious time and resources.

RN, Psychotherapist Devon Church says: 

In sessions with me, we prioritize you, your relationships, and your time … but that doesn’t mean your session has to be all seriousness! My clients and I often use humour in session to process emotions and events, meaning your time is spent the way you feel best. 

Virtual therapy is not a replacement for in-person sessions but a valuable complement with its unique set of benefits. Whether you choose virtual or in-person therapy, the crucial step is seeking the help you need for improved mental well-being. At Acceptance Nurse Psychotherapy, we’re committed to providing compassionate and effective care, meeting you where you are in your journey toward healing and growth! 

Connect with us today to explore the possibilities of virtual video therapy and embark on a path to greater mental health and well-being.

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Get to know our associates

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Rate: 1hr appointment $225
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Rate: 1hr appointment $150
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Rate: 1hr appointment $175


Choose the right therapy for you

Choose the right therapy for you

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Family Therapy

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LGBTQ+ Therapy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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